Meet Fuzzy! Born and raised in Montana, Fuzzy is a red fox with a big bushy tail and pointy ears. He is a crafty fox who enjoys playing jokes and having fun with the team at Reynolds.

Favorite Foods: Reynolds own smiley face cookie, Foxy BBQ ribs and the occasional strawberry and apple.

Favorite Color: Reynolds red, it matches my fur

Favorite Quotes: "Buy More For Less at Reynolds Market", "Sly as a fox", "What's the fox saying?", "Don't get outfoxed"

Favorite sports: Doing the fox trot and frolicking in the woods

Favorite song: The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?), "Be Foxy Shop Reynolds, Reynolds Market"

Favorite Movie: The Fox and the Hound

Favorite News: Fox News, "WhatÕs the Fox Saying" newsletter

Favorite Minor League Baseball Team: Colorado Springs Sky Sox, Go Sox!

Favorite Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog