Reynolds Pharmacy is now offering the shingles vaccine!

What is shingles?

Shingles is an extremely painful skin rash caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox, herpes zoster. It is most common in people age 50 and older. The good news is, there is a vaccine called Shingix that can decrease your chances of developing it by as much as 90%. Shingix is often covered in full by most insurances, including Medicare!

Who should get the shingles vaccine?

Most healthy adults age 50 and older who had chickenpox as a child should get two doses of Shingrix, with the second administered 2 to 6 months after the first. You should get Shingrix even if you have already had shingles, received the older vaccine for shingles, or are unsure if you ever had chickenpox.

How do I sign up!

Give us a call at the pharmacy or stop by today! We will run the claim through your insurance and let you know if you have a copay.

Additional Information on shingles vaccine please click here.